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FIFA 17: What We Would Love to See - More Stadia

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This seems like an obvious one. If there's one card that FIFA holds that its rival doesn't, it's realism, and EA's drive to replicate every single ground in the Premier League in recent years is admirable. But, like the selfish fans that we are, we want more. We want stadia from the Championship in there. We want all the Spanish, German, Italian and French grounds in there, too. And, seeing as there's no other use for them, we want the scores of grounds built for the World Cup in Brazil now being used as car parks and bus depots.

To be fair to EA, FIFA's generic stadiums are impressive and give a damn-good feel of the average football stadium across Europe, but even a casual football fan would be able to pick out the genuine Old Trafford, Anfield or the Etihad from a lineup. The grounds matter, and the more authentic stadia EA can pack into FIFA 17 and beyond, the more we'll feel like we're playing out our fantasies in the real world.

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