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Several Best Wanted FIFA 18 Wishlist

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Better Crowds

For any game its fans and crowds are the biggest motivation. So to make a game look more realistic it is wished that an authentic and realistic crowd or atmosphere should be present in the game stadium. Hence FIFA 18 is expected to come with real time graphics and better resolution crowds with Frostbite engine.

Authentic commentary

After FIFA 16, the level of authenticity ahs dropped down a bit but it is expected that with FIFA 18 the script or commentary will be more effective.

Improved shootout- In previous league many players found it difficult to play the penalty shootout. The kick while playing could not aim to the corner of the net during multiplayer mode. So it is expected that the implementation this time will be proper with improved penalty system so the gamers can achieve goals in proper way.

Graphical Glitches

with Frostbite engine, the game has brought with itself quite few graphical glitches that need to be corrected. The graphical glitches included players with no heads and referee pulling off a yellow card and many more. We hope it gets fixed soon with this season.

Journey Mode

It is expected that the journey mode too will be little impressive than all previous leagues. We are hoping that this time they may include creating our own Pro Journey mode. In this way we can see ourselves in journey mode instead of Alex Hunter. Also, the dialogues during the up and down journey of Alex Hunter should be such that they sound more realistic. If you want to see more game articles and guide, please subscribe our website, follow us on facebook and twitter.


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